Advertising Option Icon


The Advertising Option Icon is a specific symbol created by participating trade associations of the Self-Regulatory Principles for Online Behavioral Advertising intended to enrich the consumer online experience.

The websites you visit work with online advertising companies to provide you with advertising that is as relevant and useful as possible. Some of the online ads you are served may be based on the content of the web page you're visiting and other ads may be customized based on predictions about your interests generated from your visits to other websites.

Participating associations for this program include:

How does it work?

Companies who serve behavioral advertising will use this icon on advertisements, where data is collected and used for behavioral advertising. The Advertising Option Icon will normally be placed at the top right of each online advertisement. The icon will link to a disclosure statement regarding the data collection and use practices associated with that ad and an easy-to-use consumer choice option.

How does online behavioral advertising work and what choices do I have?

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Who placed this ad?

If you clicked on the AdChoices link and it brought you to this web page, we want you to know that Specific Media served this ad for the advertiser.

Where can I learn more about what information Specific Media collects and how it is used?

Learn about Specific Media's privacy policies.

What choices do I have about Interest-based advertising from Specific Media?

Opt-out of receiving personalized advertising from Specific Media.

Specific Media is the world's largest independent media platform. The company gives brand advertisers the ability to reach nearly 300 million consumers online throughout North America and Western Europe. Utilizing anonymous web surfing data, our advanced, predictive targeting technologies enable advertisers to deliver relevant ads to consumers throughout many of the world's leading websites. We are committed to consumer privacy.

Specific Media is proud to be a member of the following industry organizations who support the AdChoices program that gives consumers enhanced control over the collection and use of data regarding their web viewing for online behavioral advertising purposes.